Powering the Industry throughout Dallas, Ft. Worth and the entire state of Texas

Hertz Electric LLC - Mesquite, TX

Hertz Electric LLC is a leading electrical contractor based in the Dallas, Texas area. Our team serves both residential homeowners and commercial customers throughout Dallas and Fort Worth, as well as the entire state of Texas. We have nearly 10 years of construction experience in the area and you can count on our team of professional electricians for honest, affordable and dependable service. If you're looking to remodel your home or renovate a commercial building, we are your go-to electricians to support your project.

Single-Family / Multi-Family Homes (apartments, condos)
Assisted Living Centers / Retirement Centers
Offices, Banks, Medical, Retail Schools & Universities

Hertz General Construction Services of Dallas Contractor, Fort Worh, Mesquite, TX
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Hertz Electric LLC
3752 Marquis Dr
Garland, TX 75089

Phone: (903) 841-5779
Email: projects@hertzelec.com

License: TECL 23662